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For a full calendar of our ongoing events, please see our Yahoo Calendar at this link:

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HOH Calendar

That calendar should include our regular events, special events, and unique events this month. Below is a summary of our regular events and annual events.



Our monthly Gathering is the cornerstone of all HOH activities and takes place at the Bayland Community Center [Map], on the third Saturday of each month. We generally start with a reception and follow with a presentation and then questions and/or discussion. The presentations range from a wide variety of interesting topics. As with all of our meetings and events, the HOH Monthly Meeting is open to anyone to attend!


Note to parents: Child care is available at the Monthly Gatherings! Please RSVP and note that you'll need child care so we know to alert our child care volunteer.

Note to all:
Please be aware of our ongoing Canned Goods Program!

These forums take place simultaneously around Houston and surrounding areas on the first Saturday of each month. The specific times and locations of these forums can be found on our calendar page.

HOH Women's Club
Our women's club varies from sharing activities to socials to luncheons and more. If you are interested, please contact us or join us at our next get-together!

Contact: Sheila Finch 281-491-1608, sheilafinch@pobox.com  [Women's Club Page]

HOH Young Adults Club
The HOH YAC has a variety of events and social activities which happen throughout the month on different days as members plan things and announce to the others. To keep up on this, please join the HOH Young Adults Club Yahoo List. In addition to these irregular social events, the YAC now has a regular meeting focused more on organizing, activism, and issues...

Contact: Rianne Stringer 832-444-3005, rian.stringer@gmail.com 
[Map] [Young Adults Club Page]

HOH Ideas Club
Here we gather to discuss the ideas in a different book each month. Unlike a typical book club, the presenter for that month will give an overview of the book and its ideas before discussion. So, while reading the book is helpful, it is not required to participate in a discussion of the ideas in the book. In addition, ideas might sometimes come from several tangent books or from other sources. The topics vary widely and are always engaging.

Contact: Bob Finch 281-491-1608, rdfinch211@comcast.net  [Map] [Ideas Club Page]

Religion, Ethics & Society Club
This club looks at issues relating to religion. This includes discussion about problems with religion and its institutions and leaders. It also includes discussion of what elements of religion may be important to human culture. The question, "what is religion?" is explored, as well the history and future of religion. Relevant subject matter might also include critiques on faith-based thinking, superstition, religious violence, and dogma.

Contact: Marian Hillar 713-777-0374, hillar@sbcglobal.net 
[Map] [HOH Religion Club Page]

HOH Brunch
At the HOH Brunch, we usually pick a topical question and then go around the table, as with a forum, each person getting a chance to give their thoughts, followed by a general discussion. The subjects are always interesting and everyone's invited!

Contact: Bob Finch 281-491-1608, rdfinch@houston.rr.com [Map]


In addition to our regular events HOH participates in, and often co-hosts, some annual events. These include the following:

Darwin Day

Darwin Day is based on the birthday of Charles Darwin, and is designed to celebrate the discovery of evolution and promote knowledge and appreciation of what evolution has to tell us about the fascinating natural universe we live in. Darwin's birthday is February 12th and our event usually takes place sometime around that date.
See a report on our last Darwin Day: Click Here

World Humanist Day

This is a Humanist holiday celebrated on June 21st. According to the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), the day is a way of spreading awareness of Humanism as a philosophical life stance and means to effect change in the world. It is also seen as a time for Humanists to gather socially and promote the positive values of Humanism. 
See a report on our last World Humanist Day: Click Here

Winter Solstice Celebration

The Winter Solstice Celebration is held each year in December, preferably near that year's solstice date. Humanists and others use this time of year to fellowship in the important spirit of giving and compassion. We attach the celebration to a natural event both to coincide with the other holidays of this month and as a reminder of our appreciation of the natural universe. Please check back here or contact us for details of this year's celebration as plans develop.
See our Winter Solstice page: Click Here

Other Special Events

From time to time, we'll also put on other various special events. Here are a few examples:

- Humanist Themes in Star Trek
- Halloween Costume Party


The Humanists of Houston are members of the Houston Freethought Alliance, along with some other local nontheistic and Freethought groups. The following are some of their regular events, which many of our members also participate in.

Freethought Coffee Social
The Coffee Socials are an Alliance activity, not officially belonging to any one group in the Alliance. All Houston freethinkers, Humanists, atheists, and agnostics are welcome!
Day: First & Third Sunday of each month
Time: 10:30am
Place: Borders Book Store, 570 Meyerland Plaza, Houston 77096
Contact: Jerry Harris, 713-270-0121, jerry_harris64@yahoo.com 

Other Meetings & Activities
For further meetings of other Alliance organizations, please see their individual websites or visit www.HoustonFreethoughtAlliance.org 


More than funds, more than events, it's our rarest commodity.
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Remember to get one extra can when shopping, then bring those collected to the monthly Gathering!
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